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Need fencing advice?

We can help with not only what to build and which materials to use, but also with Council by-laws and fencing laws. 

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Highly experienced craftsmen in:

  • Post and rail fences.
  • BTD Interlock fencing (TM).
  • Wire & batten fences .
  • Horse arenas.
  • Gates and  Entranceways .

We can work with you to maintain existing fencing and gates to keep stock secure and your property looking it’s best.

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We understand the value of farming and we know it is essential your fence is installed correctly and built to last.  Whether it is an upgrade of an old fence line or putting in a new fence, we have the most up-to-date knowledge and equipment for the job:

Experienced in:

  • Sheep and deer fencing.
  • Cattle fencing.
  • Wire and batten.
  • Post and rail.
  • Electric fencing.
  • Stock yards.
  • Horse arenas.
  • Fence removals.


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Fencing & Landscaping

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fencing designs

At FenceWorks, we believe fencing should be attractive, functional and made to last.  We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to building fences. We consider:

  • Land levels
  • Neighbours
  • The design
  • Council regulations
  • Children & animals
  • Environmental factors e.g., high winds and soil.
  • Your budget

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