We focus on quality

At Fence Works we focus on constructing strong, good quality fencing to suit the terrain.
We work on a variety of sites ranging from farms, lifestyle blocks, rural and residential properties, always aiming to get the job done as promptly as possible.

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Ensure your investment is worthwhile

If you want to avoid labour, replacement and repair costs then choose a superior fence built to go the distance.
Installing a fence that will last 25 years, instead of 10, lowers the overall fencing cost significantly.

Fencing professionals make the difference

Fencing is harder than it looks. You see your fence every time you look outside, so it pays to be a bit choosey.
That’s why many people wisely leave the job of fence building to the professionals.
Since 2006, we have been the fencing company Auckland has trusted. We have gained much knowledge, investing in equipment to help jobs run smoothly.

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About the Fence Works fencers:

Jonathan Hogg

Director | Owner

Jonathan has been running Fence Works since 2006 based out of his hometown of Pukekohe. Two young children keep Jonathan and his partner very busy. You need to be pretty fit to be a good fencer, so when he can manage the time, Jonathan likes to run marathons.

david (perry)

Also based in Pukekohe, Perry has been with the team  eight years.  He is an expert at rural and agricultural fencing , particularly good at building wire  and batten and post and rail fences.  He can also  operate the tractors, front end loader and rammers.

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We’re the fencing company Auckland farmers, lifestyle block and home owners call for good fences. If you want a fence built at your place, anywhere across Auckland, we’re the team for the job.

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